A downloadable game for Windows

This is a VR Game where you navigate a randomly generated maze to find the exit where you are transported right back to the begining never to escape (Unless you click the exit button or jsut shut down the game from outside).

This game uses the HTC vive controllers. to click a button on the menu simply aim your controller at the button and click the trigger (with either hand). To Teleport push down the touch pad, aim where you want to teleport and relaese the touch pad (again on either hand).

Being a VR game it can only be played in VR with a HTC vive. With time I will hopefully make a first person option as well so anyone can play.

I recommend you clear a small area to stand in to play the game to make sure you don't hit anything.

Install instructions

To play the game simply unzip the downloaded file and run the Infinite Maze.exe


Infinite Maze.zip 31 MB
Project Plan.pdf 94 kB

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